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Why Hillary Clinton, the Establishment Republicans, and the Washington Mafioso Lost in 2016

gowdy-and-hillarySo, now that everything is over, but the crying, many people are standing around scratching their heads in disbelief over the election of Donald Trump. The Democrats, Republicans, anarchist, Socialist, and run of the mill Progressives just can’t understand how this revolution came about. And, yes, it is a revolution.

And, before you continue with this information, I want you to stop here, download and read the excerpts that pertain to Hillary Clinton and how she sold you, big labor and the rule of law out for personal profit, as well as, the DNC’s war on God. Then, maybe, just maybe, you’ll begin to see why I, and my fellow silent majority citizens voted for what Donald Trump stood for. So, go ahead and download and read The Washington Mafioso's UPSgate, finish it and if you still don’t understand why Trump is in power, then come back and finish this page.

The answer isn’t difficult to understand as you might think. What many of the stumped voters don’t realize is that there isn’t any difference between the Trey Gowdy’s (READ about Trey Gowdy being a fraud who is involved in criminal activity) and the Hillary Clinton’s of the Washington Mafioso crime families. There are only subtle differences. Both poster children for what’s wrong in Washington D.C., the epitome of self-dealing political corruption and public deception, are the reasons WHY the Washington Mafioso lost on November 8, 2016.

What many on both sides of the political spectrum, not that there are really two sides of a political choice, but only the illusion of one, fail to realize is that there is a higher power that was in play here. We, as a free people, have been oppressed and ruled over by the members of the Washington Mafioso crime families for decades, and many of being Christians, have cried out to God for delivery and God delivered mercy upon us as a nation.

If you do not think that we, as a country, needed delivery from the hands of these Washington crime families then I strongly suggest that you pull your head out of your bunghole and take a long hard look around. I suggest that you cut off Fox News, MSNBC, CNN and all the other Media Whore Complex outlets and truly examine what has come about in America in over the last 15 years. Now, if you are an anarchist, America-hating enemy of the republic then what has tried to take hold in America is what you want and you see no problem with this inverted totalitarian encroachment, and you no longer are relevant. But, if you love this country, and believe in what it TRULY stands for then, well, you voted for Trump and here we are today.

However, as the silent majority, the REAL majority from both sides of the political spectrum regardless of color, sexual orientation, and so forth, we ALL recognized what was at stake and we buried party identity and struck back against the criminals in government. I do NOT agree with everything that Donald Trump stands for, but I do stand for saving America. Donald Trump has declared war on the Washington Mafioso crime families and globalism. And, if Donald Trump FAILS to honor his pledge, then we, the silent majority, will rise up again and vote him out of office. We are NEVER going back to the days of the Clinton, Bush and Obama crime families.

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