What are the UPSgate Crimes?

The Washington Mafioso's UPSgate Evidence Manual

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5mg prednisone online no prescription The use of the suffix "gate" is applied to a word to denote a controversy, scandal or other high profile event involving politics or government. Examples of the use of the suffix "gate" in recent political history includes the crimes that were associated with Watergate, Climategate, Monicagate and the Clinton White House's Travelgate.

source url In the case of UPSgate, the massive scandal surrounds the numerous felonious crimes that were associated with the $58 billion employment tax evasion fraud involving a federal contractor (UPS), members of the Obama administration (including President Obama, Vice President Biden and Attorney General Eric Holder), members of the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate, and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters union.

cialis mail order The evidence manual entitled, "The Washington Mafioso's UPSgate," is a 678+ page, meticulously detailed evidence manual that outlines the course of events covering a ten year period that culminated in the filing of a civil RICO lawsuit in federal court against the perpetrators of the crimes against the United States government. The Washington Mafioso's UPSgate evidence manual explores and identifies the numerous criminal statutes that are being violated, how the scheme works, and a very detailed money trail that leads to all the government officials that are aiding and abetting UPS in the massive UPSgate wage theft/employment tax evasion labor racket, which affects the funding of the Social Security Trust Fund benefits.

see url The premise for the UPSgate crimes surrounds the open-ended practice of wage theft by federal contractors of their employee's wages. UPS is such a federal contractor with contracts of more than $2.8 billion in taxpayer money, which its employees work through their meal periods and other times off the clock uncompensated, and in violation of federal labor law, and federal contractor guidelines.

see url From 1995 to 2012, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) has issued numerous reports to Congress regarding the wage theft and employment tax evasion by federal government contractors, which the IRS refuses to go after the federal contractors that are evading employment taxes. The IRS officials, including IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, willfully and criminally violates numerous federal laws, including Tax Code, while prosecuting and incarcerating everyday citizens for the very same crimes that the federal contractors/campaign donors are openly engaging in.

This massive crime has cost the United States government over $58 billion in lost tax revenue, which comes in total contradiction to President Obama's White House news conference stating that federal contractors that are engaged in wage theft/tax evasion would NOT receive federal contracts.

One of the missions of The Washington Mafioso's UPSgate is to explore and document the double standards of the application of the law by the Obama administration. For example, there is one set of rules for his campaign bundler's, and then there is another set of laws for the average American citizen. Congress has held numerous Congressional hearings on the matter of wage theft, which the crimes of UPSgate is involved in one of these such fraudulent hearings that expose the corruption and deception geared towards the rank and file members of organized labor. Former U.S. Labor Secretary Hilda Solis is a defendant that was named in the UPSgate civil RICO lawsuit for her refusal to protect the wages of American Workers while protecting the rights and wages of criminal immigrants who were experiencing wage theft crimes from their employers.

The numerous felonious crimes of UPSgate involve partisan criminal elements within the IRS, the FBI, the U.S. Department of Labor, the U.S. Treasury, the U.S. Attorneys office and the Holder Department of Justice. The evidence manual researches the relationship between UPS, the Teamsters union and the corrupt members of government. UPSgate involves the rampant practice of crony capitalism and the pimping of the peoples government out to the highest corporate pimps.

In an attempt to better educate the reader, The Washington Mafioso's UPSgate explores and documents the choreographed deceptive war on the American union worker (all of America's workers are included) by the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, Jimmy Hoffa Junior's Teamster's union, and UPS's involvement in this war in the workplace. This war rages on as the members of government openly lie to the American worker and subjects them to debilitating working conditions. The evidence manual details UPS's involvement in financing and leading their compatriots in this war in the workplace.

The Washington Mafioso's UPSgate evidence manual provides the reader with embedded evidence within the text of the Kindle E-book Edition that is to be used in conjunction with it companion evidence manual to support the claims that are made regarding the UPSgate crimes. UPSgate explains the need and blueprint for the impeachment, indictment and criminal prosecution of all government officials that are involved in the UPSgate crimes.

The Washington Mafioso's UPSgate evidence manual is a well documented case study that discusses the Washington Mafioso's use of crony capitalism by members of both political parties, along with the subversion by the Technocrat's, the Statist, the Elitist, the Corporatist, the Plutocrats, and finally, the Inverted Totalitarian's into the American government. Other topics includes introducing the reader to the rise of the tyrannical police state in America via the crony capitalist, which is being supported by many well hidden closet Fascist in the Republican Party, and the Marxist Democratic Party members.

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