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Book Burning’s, Facebook’s War on Political Free Speech and their Connection to UPSgate.

Have We become a Nation of Sellout Whores who are beholden to our Technocratic Masters?

Facebook has a well-established and long-running history of suppressing free speech, especially political speech, that is unless it is speech that is both anti-American in nature and grounded in Socialism—AKA PROGRESSIVISM.

What does it mean to you to lose your freedom of speech? Is it a Constitutional right that has long outlived its usefulness? Is it something that no longer deserves a place in our modern society. And, yes, I do know that some of you vehemently feign to protect your so-called "freedom of speech" whenever a perceived threat arises. Is this legitimate on your part or is your outrage just pseudo-patriotic theatrics?

I have to pose a question here. It is one that is probably unsettling for some of you to answer. However, it is one that must be answered. Would you have been one of the “brown shirts” of the Nazi Party who would have rounded up all of the books to burn in the public square? And, again, I do know that there are some of you who would readily participate in this crime at a moment’s notice if your political master so directed you to. The burning of books—what’s the big deal you ask. Plenty.

The books targeted for burning by Hitler’s Nazi Party were those viewed as being subversive or as representing ideologies opposed to Nazism. These included books written by Jewish, pacifist, Religious, classical liberal, anarchist, socialist, and communist authors, among others. And, in the tradition of Nazism, the Progressivism ideology of the Democratic Party and Facebook performs the same actions. The only difference is that instead of burning the books, Facebook, instead, prevents any mention of books that are being offered by its members that it deems to be counterproductive to the furtherance of their anti-American ideology. This was the case with my book— “The Washington Mafioso’s UPSgate.”

I released the second and third installment of my Domestic Enemy, Inc. Evidence Manual Series on November 3rd through November sixth, which was offered as a FREE download on Amazon.com's website via their Kindle EBook promotion program. I made a few images that promoted the book and made several posts during dinner on November 3, 2016. In about an hour, or so, I made a few more posts with no problem whatsoever. The following day, I was going to make a few more post to the Facebook groups that I had joined from over the last two years, or so, which included pro-Trump, Conservative, Tea Party and book promotion groups. I attempted to make a post in a New Author group that was established for authors, like myself, to promote their books to the members of the group. However, I found that I was not allowed to post my image and right my little intro to my book because Facebook deemed my post to be abusive. I have images of the actual images of my promotion, screenshots of the two groups where I was denied being able to post despite the fact that in one screenshot you can see where another author was allowed to post her book release without a problem. The only difference between my book and the other author that was ALLOWED to post info about her book is that my book was critical of Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and the Democratic Party by exposing their and the Establishment Republicans war on the American worker and taxpayer. Oh, and, the book made a case for why we needed Donald Trump. I had timed the release of the book to coincide with the timing of the 2016 Presidential election so it could be used to inform the voter, mainly the Democratic voter, before they cast their vote for Hillary without knowing her involvement in the $58 billion crime against Social Security and the 67 (+) million Baby Boomers. I filed a complaint with Facebook, which doesn't really matter because rather than me to continue to participate in an anti-free speech, America hating social media platform, I chose to delete my Facebook accounts forever.

As I stated before, Facebook's founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, does have a long-running history of being anti-free speech and very much against the free expression of dissenting thought. Examples of Facebook’s war on American liberty and the expression of free thought can be found HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.

So, in closing, I guess you need to ask yourself if you truly support your First Amendment right of Free Speech like many of you claim to do when you get called out for lashing out against someone that you deem to be threat to your free expression of calling someone an A-hole on Facebook by some moderator, or you don’t. If you do NOT care about your right and whether a Technocrat like Zuckerberg suppresses it then keep on playing your silly little games on Facebook and keeping up with what everyone is doing as you post your bowel movements for ALL of the world to follow. Or, you can delete your account and send Facebook a message that you will no longer participate in their Fascist extension of the Democratic Party and work with others to destroy Facebook once and for all. If you do not think it can be done, then I suggest you look at what happened to Myspace when Facebook came on the scene. Facebook can and must be destroyed once and for all if you truly support your right to free speech because an attack on one is an attack on all. Now, if I offended you, no apologies here. So, some of you can get back to playing Candy Crush as America burns down all around you and Zuckerberg burns your books.