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In the first installment of the Domestic Enemy, Incorporated Evidence Manual Series, author James R. Earls, a twenty-seven year employee of United Parcel Service, and a former Chief Union Steward for the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Union Local 402, carries the reader on a rare behind the scenes journey into one of this nation’s little-known industrial labor relations policies that exist between a corrupt Teamster employer [United Parcel Service] and corrupt Teamster union official’s. This no holds barred look into UPS’s draconian labor policy will show just how corrupt that relationship has evolved into becoming a weapon that is being used with impunity to the benefit of both UPS and the Teamsters union during their war on America’s workers.


The Big Brown Lie reveals in disturbing detail about the daily battles that still wage in 2016 between the management of UPS and its unionized workers on the battlefields of the union shop floors of UPS throughout America. The reader will come to learn about the daily struggles for survival by many of UPS’s unionized workers as they have become the unwitting participants in one of the most brutally abusive labor relation’s campaigns that have ever been unleashed against the working class of America. This evidence manual exposes the secret alliance that the corrupt old guard Teamster bosses had made with United Parcel Service to preserve the union bosses reign over the rank and file membership, and the million's of dollars in dues money that that were at their disposal to finance their lavish lifestyles, multiple salaries and multiple retirement pensions. Evidence that is contained within this evidence manual will painstakingly reveal and explain in great detail the human cost this war has on the unspoken victims of this war—the innocent family members of UPS’s unionized workers. Additional evidence will be presented to corroborate the extent that these two powerhouses will go to be able to continue to openly engage in their covert attempts to weaken and destroy the Teamsters union from within for personal profit.

And, like so many other outspoken UPS workers and pro-unionist before him, James had lost almost everything in his heroic fight for the preservation and protection of both workplace and union rights in the infamous Huntsville, Alabama facility and in the corrupt old-guard controlled Local 402 union. The reader will learn about the rise and fall of the union solidarity that once existed in Huntsville and how the Huntsville facility became one of the worst labor relation’s nightmares that were ever known to Corporate UPS. Evidence will further establish the culpability that is shared by the managers and supervisors who were engaging in this abusive and draconian labor relations campaign and how their labor campaign had affected countless of UPS workers thought the South East Region. The reader will come to learn the many reasons why James had one time gained the notorious reputation of being one of the most hated reform minded union stewards in the Alabama District not only by UPS’s management but the old-guard Teamsters union bosses as well. This journey culminates in showing the long process of how James was driven into becoming a radicalized member of the Teamsters union as a byproduct of this little known war on America’s workers and how this war within UPS has spilled over into all of American society to affect every worker throughout the United States.

For many years, James had naively traveled down the path belonging to that of a hard left ideologue who ultimately followed the directives of the labor bosses without question while waging a guerilla war on those who opposed the Teamsters union and organized labor in general. This is the story about the conversion of a onetime leftist union thug who became disillusioned with the crime riddled and anti-American business of unionism and chose to finally begin thinking for himself after being introduced to an alternative path of existence by an unassuming conservative radio personality by the name of Mark Levin. Mark Levin showed him the way to the path of liberty and individual responsibility, which led James to become an active member in the fight to save America and a staunch conservative minded patriot.

The characters that are depicted throughout this evidence manual, as well as the main character of James Earls himself and his experiences, can be easily substituted and replaced by any manager, supervisor and average UPS worker throughout the United States. This first of six evidence manuals provides the foundation of what is to be used to establish and prove the concept of “what we think our political and lawful reality is and what it actually is isn’t true at all.” This evidence manual is what begins the long process that ultimately forces the reader to slowly remove the proverbial “rose colored glasses” from their eyes to see that everything that they thought about the American worker, American politics, organized labor, and American society isn’t as what we have been led to believe. The reader will see that maintaining one's ideals and principles often times comes with a hefty price.

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