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The $58 billion crimes of Congressman Mo “The Window Dresser” Brooks

Huntsville: U.S. Congressman Mo Brooks, a low-level street soldier belonging to the Washington Mafioso Boehner crime family has successfully deceived the ill informed voters of Alabama’s 5th Congressional District. This deception is his ongoing criminal support of the massive wage theft and employment tax evasion by his federal contractor campaign donors while claiming to be both a conservative and law supporting elected official.

The crimes of lowly Boehner street soldier Congressman Mo Brooks, who is better known on the street by his Mafioso nickname of “The Window Dresser,” which was given to him due to his beliefs that the Congress’ duties of providing oversight to the Executive Branch is nothing more than mere ceremonial “window dressing,” can be further expounded upon by journalist Dave Jamieson.

Dave Jamieson of the Huffington Post writes that the language in an amendment that was proposed for the commerce, justice, and science appropriations bill language would have denied taxpayer money to firms with documented wage violations while under government contract. Congressman Mo “The Window Dresser” Brooks voted along Republican Party lines to protect his federal contractor campaign contributors instead of the working families in not only his district but working families and Social Security recipients throughout America.

"The Window Dresser" Brooks was irrefutably made well aware of the massive tax evasion crime that his federal contractor donors were engaged and even commented that there was nothing that he nor Congress could do to stop it. I believe the term he used was that the oversight function that is prescribed as a duty of the U.S. Congress in the U.S. Constitution is nothing more than “window dressing.” But, I want you to ask yourself the following two question's:

  1. How is it that a former District Attorney with criminal prosecution experience (Mo Brooks) muster the courage to violate every tenet of the canons of ethics and vote in favor in criminally protecting his corporate and federal contractor pimps interest who are actively stealing from the middle class and the United States government?
  2. How can this elected official willingly violate the established code of ethics, along with violating his oath of office, violating the U.S. Constitution and being party to violating several federal criminal statutes?

He can engage in this criminal conduct because he knows full well that the foxes are guarding the hen house, and they hold the power to curtail any investigation.

Congressman Mo Brooks’ covert war on Alabama’s workers comes despite his misplaced, yet still overwhelming support by the local Tea Party Directors Chad Capps and Christie Cardin, who claim that Mo Brooks is “fiscally responsible.” Although I identify with the Tea Party movement, it still never ceases to amaze me that the leaders of the Tea Party movement support a candidate that they are allegedly diametrically opposed to.

According to the Huntsville Tea Party website, Christie Cardin states that the Huntsville Tea Party keeps as its focus those that fall under four foundational principles:

  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Limited Constitutional Government
  • Individual Rights
  • The Free Market

Although Congressman Mo Brooks, along with his fellow mafioso made members, U.S Senator’s Richard Shelby and Jeff Sessions fail to meet three out of the four foundational principles of the Huntsville Tea Party, yet Christie Cardin and the Huntsville Tea Party still supports these three individuals that are anything but committed to fiscal responsibility, limited Constitutional government, and individual rights. This ongoing crime has become one of the biggest problem's that the Tea Party movement now faces, which is casting its lot with the “lesser” of two evils. The leader’s of the Huntsville Tea Party movement became well aware of this war on Alabama workers that began with the 5th District’s former Washington Mafioso member, Parker Griffith, yet still refused to rise against and put an end to the political careers of these wolves in sheep's clothing.

The question that remains to be asked is “how does this so-called war on America’s working families affect you?” It Impacts you both directly and severely and here’s why. If you expect to receive, or are receiving, Social Security benefits, or ever hope to, then this vote in favor of protecting employer’s and federal contractors that engage in wage theft has an impact on the funding of the Social Security Trust Fund. The SSI Trust Fund is funded from employment taxes that are collected on wages. The employer and the employee both share an equal amount of the “employment tax” burden that are levied on the wages that are paid to the employee. If the employee is having his wages stolen–yes, stolen by his employer, then, in turn, the federal government is being cheated out of tax revenue that is supposed to be used to pay for SSI related benefits. To better understand this click here.

Although the Social Security Trust Fund is expected to be bankrupt by 2058, tax revenue is still needed to help absorb the shortfalls that SSI is facing and to continue funding current payments to beneficiaries. According to several GAO reports beginning in 1995 until most recently, the massive cost that is associated with this widespread criminal activity is $58 billion. Despite Congress holding hearings during their routine episodes of kabuki theater on this criminal enterprise racket, they refuse to put a stop to it and allow their campaign contributors (Big business and Federal Contractors) to continue fleecing the American taxpayer. Considering that under the despotic rule of the godfather of the Obama crime family, Barack "Dear Leader" Obama, the national debt has grown to over $18 trillion, $58 billion seems minuscule in comparison. However, when you consider the fact that the Democratic Party and even the Republican Party, to a lesser extent, lie to the American people about their interest in protecting something that in reality does not exist, meaning SSI, one cannot help but to wonder when is it that the American worker is going to wake up and rebel against this massive criminal enterprise of the Washington Mafioso that is known as their Domestic Enemy, Inc. criminal syndicate?

Due to the massive criminal fraud and financial cost to the American taxpayer over this employment tax evasion/wage theft racket of federal contractors I filed two separate Ethic’s complaints with the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate in late December 2014, which were delivered before the end of 2014. My ethics complaints detailed the criminal involvement of the 39 U.S. Senators and U.S. Congressmen in the massive $58 billion fraud that involves the FBI, the DOJ, the Department of Labor, the IRS and the White House, which called for their removal from office. The actions of Mo Brooks, Jeff Sessions, Richard Shelby and the other members of Congress for their involvement in the $58 billion employment tax evasion/wage theft that involved the federal contractor United Parcel Service are criminal in nature (explained in detail here) and the grounds for their expulsion from Congress as warranted by the United States Constitution. I encourage you to e-mail and write to Congressman Mo Brooks and demand that he explains his participation in this crime against the United States government, the U.S. Constitution and the American worker and middle-class people.

I will keep you informed as this matter unfolds.

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