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If Satan had a Business: Morris Dees’ Southern Poverty Law Center’s War on God

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Morris Dees
Morris Dees

On October 18, 2015, the remnants of the overthrown government of the United States announced a new partner in their war on God and the freedom of speech in America. Despot Obama’s Department of Justice announced a partnership with the anti-American, anti-God leftist hate organization called the Southern Poverty Law Center that was founded and currently ran by the hate hustler Morris Dees. Dees and his domestic enemy organization has been tasked to focus on and provide the overthrown federal government with intelligence which the despotic Obama administration and the controversial Southern Poverty Law Center deems as being “extremist.”

The extremist that these cretins who were spawned straight from the very sewers of Hell label as domestic terrorist threats should alarm EVERY liberty loving American because on their list are “libertarians, conservatives, and constitutionalists. These identified patriotic individuals are labeled as militia-inspired “domestic extremists” and yet even further characterized as enemies of the state by the Justice Department and the Department of Homeland Security. And, now that these two police state apparatuses have joined forces in an unholy association with Dees' domestic enemy organization, which Dees' organization can easily be likened to some cheap spin-off of a quasi-police state snitch organization reeking of the stench of Himmler from Nazi Germany. This union should concern everyone because everyone outside of the godless left has the potential of being identified as an enemy of the state including the pulpits of the Christian church.


As with any of the wanna-be despot’s of decades past, the head of the Obama crime family faction of the Washington Mafioso, Barack Hussein Obama, isn’t any different than other tyrants and dime store dictators. As with any corrupt political regime whether it be the overthrown government of the United States or some third world banana republic they always are in need an organization to help them identify the enemies of the regime. These traitorous groups are the ones that get their hands dirty because the cowards in the political offices know that if the public knew that they were DIRECTLY involved in this treasonous act, their political careers would be shorter than they already are. This is where the disgusting Morris Dees and the Southern Poverty Law Center comes into play.

dfsfMorris Dees pompously and deceptively champions himself and his demonically inspired front group as the protectors of liberty and freedom in America. Nothing could be further from the truth. Morris Dees and his Satanic ideology driven front group is diametrically opposed to every value of freedom that America holds dear to especially a Christian, who professes and spreads the very word of the one and only true living God.


Morris Dees and his demonically controlled SPLC's own extremism is so dangerous that the FBI, Defense Department, and U.S. Army have all backed away from using the group as a reliable source, Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council said, because they recognize that this "reckless labeling was a few rounds away from ending the lives of dozens of Christians."

Leo Hohmann of World Net Daily writes about the dangerous domestic enemy group of Morris Dees. He writes: “Get the Whistleblower Magazine’s revelations about the SPLC, in its March 2015 edition of “The Hate Racket,” the complete story of how one group fools government into equating Christians and conservatives with Klansmen and Nazis – and rakes in millions doing it. Perkins said that for three years, his organization has called on the SPLC to stop targeting Christian conservative organizations and individuals.

"And despite the suffering and near casualties at FRC, SPLC refuses," Perkins wrote. "Obviously, the DOJ sees no problem with putting countless Americans at risk simply for participating in the political process and advocating for public policy consistent with their orthodox Christian beliefs." The SPLC has been paid more than $150 million in the past 20 years from advising law enforcement on conservative and libertarian "extremism. As we have seen in recent years the transition of America away from adhering to Biblical principles and the will of God, it is only a matter of time before preaching the word of God will be silenced in the pulpits across America. With the recognizing of homosexual marriage by the demon possessed and anti-American Supreme Court, it only stands to reason that anyone speaking out against homosexuals and their disgusting lifestyle will be labeled as a hate group.

Democrat Nancy Pelosi at Sodomite parade in San Fracisco
Democrat Nancy Pelosi at Sodomite parade in San Francisco

Does this sound too far-fetched for you to believe? Especially here in what Mark Levin calls post-Constitution America. Then you are deceiving yourself my friend because all you have to do, if you can stomach it, is to visit the website of Satan incarnate himself [the Southern Poverty Law Center] and click on their hate map and see how any organization that opposes the Somdomite movement in America [the LGBT, or radical homosexual movement] such as the American Family Association, which is a United States non-profit organization that promotes fundamentalist Christian values, opposes same-sex marriage, pornography, and abortion, can be listed as a hate group by Morris Dees. This labeling by the left wing Marxist leaning organization of Dees [they are Marxist leaning because of their position on “economic justice”] opens up every church house in America to be labeled as a hate organization thus silencing the pulpits in their teaching of God's position on the act's of sin.

To further illustrate the ratcheting up attacks on Christians in America, in a brazen display of hate and anti-Americanism, the Marxist front group of Morris Dees labeled Dr. Ben Carson, a leading candidate for the GOP presidential nomination running second only to Donald Trump in the polls, an "extremist" because of his views on marriage, Obamacare, and Second Amendment rights. Again, this could and will eventually happen to any Christian in America who speaks out against the anti-God agenda that is sweeping across America if Obama's godless government has any say in the matter.


kkkBrothers and Sisters, it is time for all God fearing Christians in America to rise against the forces of Satan or face political extermination at the hands of the wanna-be despots and their sewer-spawned minions of hell. Furthermore, it is my humble opinion that any taxpayer money that is given to Morris Dees and his anti-American organization should fundamentally be enough to charge the government officials with treason against the Constitution. And, unless the Christians in America are awakened from their stupor their own demise will come at their own hands. The only solution is to litigate the Southern Poverty Law Center out of existence and financially destroy them for the anti-American hate group that they truly are following the same blueprint that they used for destroying the United Klans of America in U.S. District Court in Mobile for $10 million despite on pages 84-85 of his 1991 autobiography, A Season for Justice*, SPLC founder Morris Dees brags about accepting $5,000 dollars from the Montgomery chapter of the Ku Klux Klan to represent one of their members in federal court. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it should be easy considering that Christian’s have the almighty God on their side and with him fighting for us this little piss ant organization does not stand a chance in hell from which it was born from.

Just in case you don't think that if ALL Christians got in behind a movement to financially destroy and eradicate the Southern Poverty Law Center and the career of the hate hustler, Morris Dees, from America is EASILY possible with the help of God, look at what power that a mere handful of those in secular America had after they spoke out against Morris Dees and his domestic enemy organization, The Southern Poverty Law Center, who withdrew and apologized for their labeling of Dr. Ben Carson as a member of a hate organization. An apology is not enough. We have to litigate them out of existence and bankrupt Morris Dees and his minions once and for all. IT CAN BE DONE BECAUSE WE HAVE GOD ON OUR SIDE!

The war on God in not only the world but here in America is VERY real my dear friend. I write about this war on God in books three and four of the Domestic Enemy, Inc. book series, which due out in Fall 2016. So, you need to ask yourself where do you stand brethren? With God, or with abject silence and Satan.

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