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Donald Trump’s $58 Billion Swamp Problem–Jeff Sessions

"Gotcha" Trump's Idea of Draining the Swamp, is More like Clogging up the D.C. Toilet…

drain_the_swamp-jpg-cropI have to shamefully admit that I was one of the stupid voters who was duped by Godfather Donald "Gotcha" Trump. Yeah, I bought into ALL of his bullshit about "draining the swamp” and holding the Washington Mafioso accountable. I believed in Donald with all my heart while some of my inner circle was screaming for me to BEWARE. I wished I had listened instead of wasting my vote on this political cretin.

And, what about those who are claiming that if Trump ONLY delivers on 10% percent of what he promised is better than ANYTHING that Hillary could have done is better than nothing. Well, all I have to say to them is—BULLSHIT! Why do WE, as Americans, have to settle for scraps of campaign promises that are coming from a fraud like Donald Trump when he promised US that he would deliver on justice, accountability, and the equal application of Justice. Well, the answer is—we don't.

spankingI want you parents to stop and think about something for a moment. As a parent, would you be willing to accept your child lying to you about stealing something if 10% of what they were saying was true? After all, they did tell you 10% of the truth. I seriously doubt you would be forgiving of the 90% lie unless, of course, you were some sort of a left wing, "safe spacer" type snowflake parent who is devoid of any morality themselves. I don't know about you, but as for me, I would tear my child's backside up for lying to me AT ALL! So, why should we be accepting of this lying immoral behavior from OUR public servants? The answer is—we SHOULDN'T. We should ALL be marching on D.C. the day that this fraud is sworn into office. To hell with the radical left's threats to disrupt the Trump inauguration. We should tear D.C. down for the lie that Trump has delivered to the American people. Let's examine WHY I feel this way.

I first contacted the Trump campaign on October 12, 2016, which I provided them with the entire UPSgate library of evidence for their use against both the Establishment Republicans, Hillary Clinton, and the Democratic Party. The evidence proved that the IRS, the FBI, the DOJ, the DOL, Congress and the White House has been converted into criminal extensions of the four Washington Mafioso crime families, which has been unleashed against the American people. The evidence also establishes that there exist two sets of laws in America. One, for the political elite. And, another set of laws for the American peasant class.

And, contained within that information was irrefutable evidence on Jeff Session’s criminal involvement (in violation of Title 18 Section 4) in the $58 billion crime against the American people and Social Security regarding his refusal to initiate Senate hearings on this crime that involved the U.S. Attorney Eric Holder, the FBI and the DOJ’s cover-up of this crime.

I went all in by supporting Trump, and I even made the case in my book, The Washington Mafioso’s UPSgate, as to why America needed Donald Trump. I admit that I was premature in this support. I now realize that we all have been played by someone who had managed to have tapped into the American anger concerning the voter's disdain regarding the massive and overt corruption in the land of political whoredom. Godfather "Gotcha" Trump was supposed to be the fresh air replacement to the stale, pungent D.C. odor. Instead, Trump proved to be just another stale fart of the political whore variety.

However, before we get into the Trump and Session’s issue, let’s watch a video of Ted Cruz debating and self-righteously berating Donald Trump on the issue of crony capitalism and campaign donations from corporate donors during a 2016 debate. Trump was quick to say that he would put an end to this crony capitalism thing in D.C. as Ted Cruz calls out Donald Trump for being a reputed crony capitalist in the world’s pay to play schemes.

The video that you just finished watching proves that Godfather “Gotcha” Trump is nothing but a typical run of the mill political LIAR. If you don’t think so then how do you explain his appointment of the billionaire Amway founder’s daughter-in-law, Betsy DeVos for Education Secretary? It seems that this family has been heavily involved in Republican politics for a very long time. I guess that she will be the measuring stick for how far removed someone has to be in order not to be considered an “insider.” As for Betsy, the entry net worth criteria must be at least $5.1 billion. The following YouTube video shows how involved Betsy DeVos is in Republican politics.


I don’t know about you, but Betsy looks to me like a serious Republican Party insider, the very sort of insider and big-time donor that Trump promised us would have no place in his administration (See minute mark 20:25).

And, then there is "Gotcha" Trump's appointment of the North Carolina Governor and Republican Party hack, Nikki Haley, to the position of being the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.

Okay, we now know that “Gotcha” Trump is a liar. But, what about Sessions you ask?

tennessee-williams-dramatist-the-only-thing-worse-than-a-liar-is-aThe NEXT question for me now is this: Could the hidden reason—this LIE of his—be the REAL reason why Godfather Trump hasn’t contacted me about EXPOSING, INVESTIGATING and PROSECUTING this massive crime and corruption against 168 (+/-) million Americans on Social Security or expecting to begin receiving its benefits within the next few years be because he, meaning Sessions, is one of the numerous Washington Mafioso criminals who is named as a major defendant in the UPSgate crimes that I wrote about and he is in no way going to rock the boat with this RNC heavy-weight?

So, I want any  of the blind Trump followers to answer this question: How can Trump claim to be anti-corruption, anti-cronyism, anti-establishment when he has hired the former top aide of Jeff Sessions to his campaign staff who U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions is one of his strongest supporters and is going to be hypocritically named as the U.S. Attorney General even though Sessions REFUSED to uphold his sworn oath of office and to follow the laws of the United States in the UPSgate crimes.

the-four-stoogesI urge you to take the time to read an excerpt from "The Washington Mafioso's UPSgate" regarding Jeff Sessions and ask yourself if you want a right-wing criminal in the position of the U.S. Attorney General that has engaged in criminal conduct that is comparable to the Obama crime family Capo Eric Holder. If you do, then you are a dangerous part of the problem and should go on to join the Democratic Party. We are either a nation of laws or we aren't. No political party should get a free pass, and Donald Trump and his administration WILL receive official copies of this evidence in the form of a complaint once this charlatan is sworn into office. Then, I will begin making a case for the overthrowing of the Washington Mafioso in America.

In closing, I encourage you to read the Trump and Clinton correspondence, as well as, the other relevant documents that are associated with the Trump and Clinton campaigns at this link.