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Chicken SHITtle says ISIS is Coming!

Okay. I admit it. I am disgusted with myself. And, why am I disgusted with myself you may ask? Well—I went and done it again Ethel. Here I am, wasting my time again as I write about another high profile elitist/Technocrat fecal head who resides within the protective bubble of Silicon Valley who wishes to sprinkle his profound wisdom upon the heads of the lesser people of—you know—us—the Cafone’s of America.

But, first, I want to go on ahead and extend to you a pre-apology for wasting your time as well, but this is a topic of low interest that I could not pass over in a clear conscience. Furthermore, I would consider ignoring the story to be a great injustice, on my part. If I didn't point out the screaming hypocrisy of an elitist little rich boy, who feels that he and his family are somehow above the very principles and standards that he, and his fellow Technocratic A-hole's wish to force the rest of the American lower caste system to live under. However, I must be fair and forthcoming with you about the only way that you can view the world as they do [meaning Zuckerberg and gang]. I have discovered that the only way that you can fully appreciate their line of thinking is to engage in their daily ritualistic practice that aids them in better understanding the world that operates outside their little fairyland by performing the same task that they do when they get up every morning. Are you game? Are you sure? You know—to put you in “their shoes” sort of thing. Well, I don’t know. Okay—I’ll tell you what to do so you can understand the world the way that Zuckerberg and gang do. First, remove your pants and then your underwear. Okay—next—bend you upper torso between your legs, hold your breath, and stick your head straight up you bunghole. I would think that it is a tight fit, not that I have ever tried to perform that task [I’ll pass], but if you have successfully completed that little maneuver that is also known as the “Zuckerberg Plug”, then you can now see the world as Zuckerberg and his fellow elitist do. So let’s get going. Oh, and—there is one other thing for your safety. Uh—I would suggest that you don’t try to sit down because in doing some elitist have been known to pass out since their air supply is cut off from the pressure that is placed on the chest, which prevents the diaphragm from functioning properly. So, just stand there with your head sticking up your ass and when you are ready—give me the thumbs up. There it is. Good. Here we go.

Our little fairy tale begins, not so long ago, in the distant land of Palo Alto California where the kingdom of Facebook resides. This land is where we find our main character, Mark Zuckerberg, who is just waking up after a hard night of partying. Markie-poo is seen lying awake in his massive bedroom sheepishly clicking on his IPhone to check his Facebook account for any new post that might have been made as he dreamt of candy canes and unicorns as they all frolicked about in his little Rainbow land. Mark has his servant wipe away the sleep from his eyes as he clapped his hands together several times, which cut on the lights as he sat up in bed listening to his stomach growl hungrily. Mark yawned wide mouth, and stretched back, as he smacked his lips together several times after discovering that they had become disappointingly dry after a heavy night of downing several cases of $25,000 a bottle Champagne. This thirst is what finally roused Mark from his bed as the Facebook god slid over to the edge of his bed where his butler plucked the lint from in between his toes with his teeth before slipping on his slippers as he rose to his feet. Mark let a hard cough, which forced a caviar laced fart to escape accidentally from his rectum as he made his way over to the bathroom to relieve his bladder. Mark had a busy day planned—a day that had been on his to-do list for several weeks as he stood there urinating in his 24k solid gold toilet. Today was the day that he had to address a group of fellow leftist at a friend’s home in a brainstorming session that was geared towards political activism. The meeting today was to listen to his gang of left-wing caviar farting “pisser and moaners” complain about gun’s being sold on Facebook and what to do to disarm the American people. Afterwards, Zuckerberg decided to attack the Second Amendment after discussing this move with his America-hating left-wing loons by prohibiting gun sales on his social media site. Later, this anti-American action alone would prove to be NOT enough for god Zuckerberg. He chose to expand his prohibition of gun sales to include “safety related” accessories, which included gun vaults and safes. Zuckerberg was definitely flexing his muscle against the pro-gun subscribers on his Facebook social media platform.

Kenji-Goto about to be beheaded by ISIS terrorist
Kenji-Goto about to be beheaded by ISIS terrorist

In the all perfect kingdom of Facebook, god Zuckerberg bathed in the glory of his seemingly never ending power as the world danced around at his feet. Life was definitely good, or—so, he thought. During a day of normal business activity, Facebook decided to shut down a popular and fruitful recruitment tool that was used by the global terrorist organization known as ISIS by closing down their accounts and the accounts of any of their supporters. So, how do you think this went over with these murderous scum? Not too good. ISIS’ response was to issue a call to murder Mark Zuckerberg, his employees and the owner of the social media site Twitter as well.

Okay, what would you do if you if you were a serf that lived in the kingdom of Facebook where gun ownership is prohibited, and a death threat was made against you and your family by a hoard of murderous religious zealots? Well, you can’t say that you’d keep a firearm within arm’s reach at all times because you cannot own a firearm in the land of Facebook—remember? So, how do you protect yourself and your family from the extreme danger that these ISIS terrorist were known for. You don’t. You just hope for the best and if they do come for you or your loved ones—you just kneel before them, draw a dotted line on the back of your neck, and [whack] die. That is—unless—you are god Zuckerberg.

What you may not know about the billionaire anti-gunner god of Facebook is that although you and your family are trying to be disarmed by these Technocratic fecal heads like Zuckerberg, this turd is enjoying the protection of a sixteen member security force as he sashays out and about in public and especially while he is at home with his family. No worries here my friend.

In closing, this is how something like this usually works when it comes to anti-gunner elitists’ who enjoy the protection of armed bodyguards, or Secret Service protection while expecting the peasants of America to fall victim to the criminal class. What did I hope to achieve with this particular post? Nothing really. Well, actually I just wanted to point out the hypocrisy that comes from imbeciles like Zuckerberg and gang when it comes to trampling on the rights of American’s as they continue to live within the protection of their little Silicon bubble. I guess my real question is, “When are you going to wake up and teach these cretins a lesson by destroying their empire?” In other words, everyone joins together, dump Facebook, and work on destroying everything that he has built. It’s high time for some competition. Click if you like—not.

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