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And, the Academy Award for Best Hypocrisy of a HollyWeird Fecal Head Goes to…

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George Clooney being arrested for political activism
acquistare levitra generico consegna rapida George Clooney being arrested for political activism

prednisone 10 mg uses Ah—it’s election time again, and just like always, the crazies seem to come out of the woodwork in droves. Yeah—there never seems to be any lacking in their numbers, which these cretins of the silver screen seem to multiply like—well, to be honest —like roaches with every new election cycle. And, with eight years of the closet Marxist Obama winding down it is no secret that they have become emboldened as their political flatulence can literally be seen escaping from their facial orifice without any special effects from George Lucas or Steven Spielberg and without any respect for the olfactory organ of those who are unlucky enough to be caught in the general vicinity of their blast radius and are inadvertently forced to have to deal with it at no fault of their own. But, I digress. Nonetheless, it appears that many of the famous dancing monkeys, you know—the publicly practicing members of the Champagne Socialist ilk—or maybe you know the silver screen degenerates better as the HollyWierdo’s. But regardless of what “designer label” you might know them by, these imbecilic fecalites again wish to vomit upon the clothes of American society their synthetically manufactured infinite elitist wisdom on the subject of sociopolitical science and their prescription for the rest of us, at least those of us who live in reality, to accept and live by as though it was the gospel from the mouth of Jesus Christ himself when it comes to sociopolitical issues that affect not only America but also the world. And, no, I am not talking about the popular leftist HollyWeirdo dancing monkey Matt Damon preaching to us that public education is the way to go while he sends his kids to a private school.

Actor Matt Damon
how to buy canadian cialis usa     Matt Damon

http://acrossaday.com/?search=dosing-of-lasix-continuous-infusion And, unfortunately, for us, if we want to see a painful example of this HollyWeird torture fest we have to look no further than to one of the more vocal Champagne Socialist imbecile types of the bunch. This "winner" is best known for his “Johnny come lately” to the wedding alter exploits and whose career rode on the skirt tales of his aunt, a well-known cabaret singer and actress back in the day, to his current position in the ranks of the elite HollyWeirdo troupe of dancing monkeys—George Clooney. While Georgie was while promoting Hail, Caesar! at the Berlin Film Festival recently in 2016, he eloquently [tongue in cheek] explained that “hate speech” frequently heard on the campaign trails in American presidential politics is just “extreme voices” that “don’t survive.” In an interview reported by Business Insider, Georgie commented:

go here "I mean there are some extreme voices out there. I always have to caution people when they watch American politics that we go a little crazy during the political season, and it’s a very long season. And the xenophobic, fascist sort of ‘no Muslims are going to come into the United States,’ that’s never going to happen, you know, that’s not going to occur in the United States.

That’s not who we are, that’s not who we have ever been, that’s not how this country was formed."

Clooney adds that these voices don’t represent America, “So you are going to hear some of these louder voices that are extreme, and a much smaller percentage of the country that always come up during these moments, but they don’t ever survive and we get past this.”

And, around about the same time as his Business Insider interview, Clooney was meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel as he fawned over Merkel’s handling of the crisis and her acceptance of many migrants into her country. Germany has been RAVAGED by the influx of over one million Muslim refugees, which has led to a catastrophic rise in women reported being sexually assaulted and robbed by what witnesses described as groups of Middle Eastern-looking men with at least 90 women reporting assaults in Cologne, Germany’s fourth-largest city, on New Year’s Eve 2015.

miglior sito per acquistare viagra generico 50 mg a Firenze ANOTHER DO AS I SAY AND NOT AS I DO’ER

As of 2016, at least until a HollyWeird divorce creeps in, Georgie Clooney has a net worth of an estimated $260 million, which makes him one of HollyWeird’s richest dancing monkeys. And, with this massive stockpile of wealth, which makes him one of the very 1% that he and his kind despise, I would have to ask Georgie a few questions. The question’s that I would ask little Georgie would be:

“Georgie: Which of your three sprawling mansions are you planning to donate to house the Syrian immigrants that you are fighting for?”


“Georgie: If you are NOT going to donate any of your mansions to your Muslim migrant cause will you step up to the plate up and purchase every one of the remaining used FEMA trailers that are left over from Hurricane Katrina, which can be bought very cheap, and set them up on your estate grounds, and on your fellow HollyWeird actor friends’ estates throughout Beverly Hills and other highfalutin locations throughout the world? And, if NOT, then explain to me WHY you won’t?”

And lastly,

“Georgie: Why do you need $260 million in personal wealth and three different massive mansions to live in? Will you sell all three, and move you and your wife into a back alley flophouse in Compton, and donate the proceeds from the sale of your mansions as well as at least $259,950,000 of your personal wealth to house the Muslim migrants in Beverly Hills—and, if NOT, then WHY?

I can’t help but to wonder just how many of these Muslim migrants did the Clooney’s swing by and pick up in their limo and take to the “red carpet,” or whatever the color of their celebrity carpet is over there, to promote his—uh—movie called Hail, Caesar while he was in Germany. I mean—after all, Georgie did state that he wished to meet a group of asylum seekers, “to talk about and ask what messages and what things we can do… to help.” But, again, if he was so devastated and brokenhearted about NOT being able to meet with some of these “asylum seekers” then why didn’t the Clooney’s cancel their meeting with Merkel, swing by a couple of the refugee camps and pick out a couple of the nastiest rapist among them and carry these poor creatures with them to their movie event in their pimped out limo? Answer us Georgia—why didn’t you put your money where your mouth is and pick up a couple of these criminals and pedophiles for your spotlight rendezvous with the German paparazzi? What do you think his answers would be to the before mentioned questions? Well, let me remove ALL speculation because here is a roundabout answer of him addressing the Syrian Refugee problem.

Georgie’s Italian Mansion
us generic for propecia tablets Georgie’s Italian Mansion

The Clooney’s aren’t any different from the other fraudulent Champagne Socialist when it comes to spending OTHER people’s money, or in telling OTHER people how they should act and think. That is as long as it does NOT hit them in THEIR pocketbook or encroach upon their lifestyles. For example, the Clooney’s were considering selling their $100 million Lake Como villa mansion in Italy because their “privacy” was being encroached upon by the paparazzi. Well, in typical elitist fashion the HollyWeird couple had persuaded the town’s mayor to initiate an ordinance stated that anybody who disturbed the occupants of the main house or the adjacent Villa Margherita, which Clooney also owns, or set foot on the grounds without permission would be fined $600. This of course is while the citizens of Germany are being FORCED by their government into accepting and accommodating the insurgency of Muslim refugees who are wreaking havoc upon NOT only upon their privacy, but their safety and personal property. And, like most nauseating hypocrites of this caliber, Georgie doesn’t see any problem with his behavior because he has his radar dish sized head stuck so far up his ass that the lack of oxygen has caused him to separate from reality. And, with him being a HollyWeird elitist, the same rules and expectations do not apply to him like they apply to us.

Oh—and, one last thing that I find a bit interesting about the Clooney type hypocrites from HollyWeird is how they view anyone else’s exercise of free speech as being “hate speech” when they themselves engage in the same so-called detestable action themselves. And, little Georgie isn’t any different. It appears that little Georgie got his panties in a wad when a reporter questioned his commitment to the refugee crisis affecting Germany and much of Europe during a Berlin Film Festival press conference for his new movie, “Hail, Caesar.” I guess someone needs to ask little Georgie why is he hating on reporters so much?

vardenafil senza ricetta Venezia THE ORGAN GRINDER AND HIS DANCING MONKEY

Organ grinder and his dancing monkey
http://meganwarnerphd.com/?search=levitra-samples Organ grinder and his dancing monkey

I actually gave this post a bit more attention than I really wanted to, but, alas, I couldn’t resist pointing out the hypocrisy of yet another HollyWeird ass wipe. I guess that I need to follow my own advice, which is “we all need to remember that these people, like George Clooney, are the dancing monkeys and you, the movie goer, are the organ grinder. You also have to remember that when you buy that $15 movie ticket you are cranking the handle of the organ that these monkey’s dance to, not that I watch any of his movies, or any of his fellow outspoken leftist and Socialist actors movies either. Remember, these people are nothing more than lowly actors, which if it wasn’t for our generosity, our pity, and our questionable desire to be entertained, these HollyWeirdo’s couldn’t survive in the real world without the handout from a hard working American. So, in closing, we all need to take what these imbeciles say with a grain of salt and remember that they all lack the intelligence for anyone of us to take serious. Also, I wouldn’t pay too much attention to the fawning propagation by the presstitutes over these cretins because it is the job of the various competing entertainment bureaus of the media whore complex to sell these maroons to anyone with an IQ of over a negative 32 as being somehow legitimate and relevant in today’s world.

And, with having said all of that, I would vote to give George Clooney the Academy Award in 2016 for Best Actor because after I have read the stories about his dabbling in political and social issues, surely to Heaven no one can be that damn stupid in real life. Now—join me in a standing ovation. Kudos Georgie. Oh, and by the way...nice trophy too.

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