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And, in a twisted play on the immortal words of The Who, “Yes, we DID get fooled again.”


THE SPONSORS OF THIS WEEK’S EPISODE OF THE MEDIA WHORE COMPLEXES “LYING SACK OF CRAP AWARD of the WEEK” PRESENT’S: And, in a twisted play on the immortal words of The Who, “Yes, we DID get fooled again.”

And, our story opens…

laughing-trump-1And, in the twinkling of an eye, it appears that the Trump honeymoon seems to be over before it actually began. And, to be quite honest with you, I would think that this is probably going to prove to be the shortest honeymoon EVER in modern day political history. I came to this rather shocking conclusion [tongue in cheek] after glancing over the pseudo-conservative news sites, meaning the Drudge Report and Breitbart, the very propaganda rags that I obtain my daily dose of propaganda from, to discover that those people, the little piss ant peasant class of people, you know, you and I, who had foolishly voted for Donald Trump were found to be in total disarray and completely beside themselves over Trumps abandonment of some of his very prominent campaign promises before he had actually taken office. But, in his defense, Trump is just acting in the typical Washington Mafioso godfather fashion.

So, in reality, what we should be asking is…should be surprised? And, the answer is…no, not really. And, to add a little more context to that position, let’s refer to the words of the legendary rock band, The Who, to provide that much-needed filler context, which is, “The new boss, same as the old boss.” And, yes people, we DID get “fooled again.”

This betrayal, of course, doesn’t include the frantic back peddling and excuse making efforts that are seen coming from the political talking heads from “OUR” side who were desperately trying to bring calm to their readers over Trumps major "crapping" on the heads of the little peasant class of people that had supported and helped him get into office as word of his betrayal began to trickle out.

And, why would they, meaning the” TRUMPagandist” of the Right-side faction of the Media Whore Complex, the “our side bunch,” be trying to bring calm to “US,” their readers you ask, especially after we were stabbed in the back and had our throats cut by Trump so soon? Trumps loyal talking heads had to “nip this story in the bud” before it snowballed any further out of control, which would, in turn, threaten their positions groveling at the feet of Godfather “Gotcha” Trump to snatch up the crumbs that will fall from his administrations table.

And, despite the best efforts of the “Right leaning propagandist” to provide deflection and excuses for Trump’s betrayal, we are waking to find that we have been sold a cleverly crafted turd sandwich by Trump Incorporated. I have to admit that Trump is a branding and marketing genius especially after we were ALL told that we were buying a plate of Beluga caviar if we would only elect him. And, after we have made this decision to buy what this charlatan was selling and put this fraud into office, we now have to try and somehow find the strength to force down his “Bait and Switch” Brand of a metaphorical political turd sandwich, one that is of proverbial “Trump Tower buffet proportion,” as he moves into the White House.

In an outhouse attempt to try and psychoanalyze this epic betrayal, I have come to the conclusion that one reason is that the TRUMPagandist has gone all in on supporting Trump as they sold their souls out to be used like a $2 road whore by Trump to run interference for his campaign. In other words, they had duped us all into voting for Trump after they had become nothing more that deliverers of distraction. You know, the very sort of presstitutes that we, the so-called “Anti-establishment/politician” voters despised during the eight-year reign of Despot Obama. And, what did the TRUMPagandist have to gain by refusing to expose Trump for what he is? Their "profit" came in the form of a reward for this betrayal of the American people, which was for them to be assured of having gained a place at the Trump table. They saw the attack upon the media enemies of Trump as the Obamagandist members of the Media Whore Complex are facing a potential lockout from the Trump administration for their war against the newest Don of the Washington Mafioso crime families–Donald “Gotcha” Trump.

Another reason, and probably the most important one, is because they stand to lose readership over their OVERT Trumpaganda efforts, which translates to lost revenue. After all, they are ALL businesses, and without income, they run the risk of going out of business, and rightfully so. But, I digress. So, let's get back to examining the further selling out of the America people by the right-wing faction of the Media Whore Complex.

Steve Bannon and Donald Trump

An excellent example of this "place at the table" reward supposition of mine for their loyalty is found in Trump’s appointment of Breitbart’s Steve Bannon to the position of chief strategist. And, if Breitbart is TRULY outraged over Trump's decision NOT to pursue charges against Hillary Clinton then why doesn't Steve Bannon resign in protest? The answer is simple. Bannon Won't resign because it's all just smoke and mirrors. Bannon isn't going anywhere. And, besides, this will all blow over in a few weeks because Bowl games will be starting up and an all new season of MTV Teen Whore Mom will be airing.

Some of you may be asking yourself, how exactly how were the members of the “right faction” of the Media Whore Complex whored out as “delivers of distraction” by Trump you ask. For me to properly set this thing up right, let’s look back to Trump while he was on the campaign trail to properly reflect upon this revelation, which revealed the ingrained character of Trump, which can be summed up in the saying—New Boss same as Old Boss. We need to do this to understand that Trump is nothing more than what I call a "Lesser Liar."

What I am speaking about, of course, is the news that has come out today that Donald Trump will NOT pursue a criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton for her CRIMINAL conduct regarding the email scandal. Now bear in mind something here folks. And, that is many of Trumps duped supporters in the Media Whore Complex are trying desperately to save face here with this—excuse me while I laugh— “political outsider,” they are frantically claiming that is decision not to pursue criminal charges against Hillary Clinton is some ingenious scheme to thwart Obama from issuing a pardon, which would totally destroy his attempt to hold Hillary accountable to the same laws that we are held to. Again, this is one of the things that he ran on. Remember? If not, let’s take a little look—okay?

And, as NOT to appear to be biased in providing a summary of the stories, let's examine the actual stories themselves and YouTube videos that show Trump in his own words that led up to his stabbing in the back of the American people who put him into office. A few of the stories "promising to investigate and JAIL Hillary" before being elected are here, here, here, here, here, and in the videos below.

And, now that Godfather Donald “Gotcha” Trump has been elected to office, this is what he has to say on the subject of holding Hillary Clinton accountable to the same laws that the rest of the American peasant class are held to, which are as follows: Here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.
Also, here is a couple of video's that further reveal Godfather "Gotcha" Trump's NEW position on not investigating Hillary Clinton for her crimes and his "NEWFOUND" position on wanting to help her heal and that in reality, the Clinton's are actually fine people.

What could the motivation be behind Trump’s NEWFOUND reluctance to investigate and prosecute Hillary? Well, it could be a number of things. One could be he was nothing but a con man and a liar who played us to get into office. In other words, Trump was the star, director, producer and creator of the biggest reality TV shows in American history aptly called "Duping the Dupes." Or, could it be because if the Clinton Foundation WAS investigated it would show that he, meaning Trump, had donated $100,000 to the corrupt Clinton money laundering organization. Ask yourself this question: How could he investigate and prosecute her money laundering organization when HE had donated to the very criminal organization without having to answer the question of what was it that HE had received in return for his donation. Would Trump’s DOJ and FBI impartially investigate and prosecute HIM for any criminal wrongdoing if any was to be found. I mean, after all, the story just came out that Trump admitted to the VERY same sort of “self-dealing” that he publicly despised and purported to have a plan for ending—that is if he is elected.

laughing-trump-2In closing, it appears that Trump is nothing but a well-trained liar and he should fit right on in with the rest of his fellow Washington Mafiosi members of Domestic Enemy Incorporated. America has been betrayed, yet again, and it is without question that the only recourse we have is to abandon the failed ballot box and begin contemplating to embrace the bullet box option that our Founding Fathers provided to us with the Second Amendment. We have a choice of either remaining slaves to the Washington Mafioso or to rise and overthrow Domestic Enemy Incorporated since a new domestic enemy of America has been unmasked. And, if you are wondering, Yes, I did vote for Donald Trump and even made a case for electing him in my second evidence manual titled, The Washington Mafioso's UPSgate." And, with having stated this, I award Donald Trump with the first ever "Lying Sack of Crap Award,” courtesy of this episode’s sponsor…The Media whore Complex.


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