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james earls__meI passionately believe in America and her liberty loving people despite whatever the powers that currently be tries to portray during their attempt to divide and conquer us. America's new enemies are the ones that have hijacked and overthrown our government of the people and having replaced it with one that is bought and paid for by global corporation's, lobbyist's, special interest, and the donor class.

With the help of a great American named Mark Levin, I have broken free from the chains of being a left-leaning progressive union radical, a slave that was brainwashed to believe that I was unable to think for myself, and transformed through educating myself into a free thinking, liberty loving, constitutional supporting conservative American.

Despite personally identifying with many of the tenets of the Tea Party movement, I feel that that some leaders within the Tea Party Movement have sold out its members who are blindly following their leadership just as I had done at one time with the Teamsters union. I also believe that the Tea Party Movement is not doing enough to address the growing problems regarding the lying, closet Progressive/Fascist members of the Republican Party when the Tea Party is supporting these people that are diametrically opposed to their conservative values. Thus, it is my contention to get off my rear-end and do something about the problems that I see rather than to sit back and complain about them during commercials of watching re-runs on television.

thomas_jefferson_quote_on_taxes_poster-r3b4c2761d1ff4a4fba88095c07c9daa9_w2q_8byvr_324I strongly believe that for America to begin to recover from the decades of bad policy from members of the various elitist ruling class of the Washington Mafioso, I believe that government has to get out of the way of business and let strong survive, and the weak die off. I have learned a lot about economics after studying famed economist Milton Friedman (thanks, Mark), and I believe his ideology is the solution to many of America's financial woes. Therefore, I firmly believe in the free market capitalism and

thomas_jefferson_quote_3I believe very strongly in the U.S. Constitution, the right to life (including the unborn), liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all American's. I do NOT support criminal immigration. I also believe very strongly that every elected or appointed official should be held accountable for their actions if they violate their oaths of office and their sworn oath to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution during ANY part of the service to the PEOPLE. This accountability includes their indictment, prosecution, and incarceration for ANY crime that they have violated. The two standards of laws and prosecution for crimes must be abolished.

I have faith in the strong will that America has to live. I believe that the one and only TRUE living God, the God of Abraham, Jacob, and Issac, has placed his blessed hand of protection upon our great nation and that the Almighty God has a purpose for us even though the people of America wantonly wages war against him. I also believe that America can be restored, and the criminals in government can be removed through the power of her people simply getting involved.

gwAn armed revolution is only a last resort and must NOT be considered until everything else has been attempted, and the jack boot that belongs to the criminals in government have left us no other alternative to removing that tyrannical boot from our throats. The solution is to engage, educate oneself, and organize as a unified movement to root out the traitors and criminals of OUR government.

I choose to stand and lead in any capacity that I can to defend America and to restore her back to her full greatness.

God Bless